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Buy Yankee Candles at Wholesale Prices

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Where can you buy discount Yankee candles for less than the retail price you will find at some mall outlet store? The answer is online at popular websites like Amazon or even some wholesale stores.

Now with those two options, the whole reason for using one or the other will be dependent on how much you love candles. For the person who buys a couple of the scented candles a year, simply doing a search for the type of candle you want will yield many sites that will give you steep discounts on your purchases

In my household there is a candle burning almost every day. I really enjoy setting the mood of a room with a cheap Yankee candle that I bought a wholesaler, the cheaper each individual candle will generally be.

There are several ways that you can save on the retail costs of Yankee candles by going through wholesalers.

All you have to keep in mind are the wholesale shops online, and the wholesale stores that you can find near you.Now for my money I don’t even worry about wholesale stores with a physical presence since you can generally find very affordable and most importantly, convenient deals in picking up beautiful discount candles.


The easiest place to search for wholesale Yankee candles would be as I mentioned before at places like or even

With online sites, you have a much higher likelihood of finding discount candles. You might try looking for less obvious sites in order to get even better deals.

Your first instinct might be to go to but that would be a mistake since as of this post you could find the typical 22 oz Yankee jar candles for around $22 on Amazon; whereas on their site it was for $25.99. That’s a savings of over 15%!!

Searching online saves you the hassle of trying to battle traffic parking, and locating the stores that carry the Yankee candles or discount trapp candles. You may have little success in finding true wholesale prices online, but you will definitely find discounted prices that will save you money.

All you have to do to find the sites that carry Yankee candles cheap is type ‘buy yankee candles’ into your preferred search engine. You will have many results to choose from, and to help you find the best price.



You might also find the discount yankee candles at places like Costco, Price Club, and Sam’s Club. These are the best places to look if you are stocking up on candles to sell or just have on hand for the next year or months. The prices you will get at these stores will be well worth the trip.

If you decide to purchase your yankee candles online, just be sure that they have a payment system that is secure. The most popular sites are Amazon, and eBay.

There are many other sites out there that offer great discounts as well. In the end, by purchasing from wholesalers you can save hundreds of dollars.

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